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Car cleaning in Berlin
From 24 Euro

Wir werden überall in der Stadt zu Ihnen kommen

  • Perhaps, nowhere in the world you will not meet a driver who likes to drive a dirty car. However, not everyone can properly monitor the car (regularly visiting a car wash), right?

    Modern residents of the metropolis come to the aid of the mobile car wash “Righthands”. It allows you to put the car in order anywhere in the city.

  • The car wash “Righthands” is mobility in the literal sense of the word, because the washers (specially trained employees) can come on call anywhere in the city.

    Our teams work very quickly: right in the parking lot or in the garage, they will wash and polish your car, carefully clean its interior.

  • Among the advantages of this type of washing – respect for the environment, care not only about the cleanliness of vehicles, but also about the environment.

    The cleaning agent used is a special chemical that is biodegradable by 90%: it does not contain ammonia and is generally completely safe for the environment.

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