Wohnungsreinigung Bestellen

Apartment Cleaning in Berlin

What is included in our REGULARLY cleaning?

This is our standard – what we do with every order. We can also add custom services to customize your cleaning offer.

In the whole apartment
  • We wash the floor and wipe the baseboards
  • Carpets vacuuming (with your vacuum cleaner if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner don’t worry, we brush carpets)
  • Wipe all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe the switches and door handles
  • We clean mirrors and glass surfaces
  • We collect and take out the garbage
In the kitchen
  • We wash the dishes
  • We wash sinks
  • Wipe down the worktop and kitchen apron
  • Washing from the outside – stove, refrigerator and kitchen hood
  • We wipe the facades of the cupboards
In the bathroom
  • We’ll clean the toilet, bath, shower and sink

What about things?
  • We carefully fold your clothes
  • Arrange shoes
  • Changing the bed linen and making the bed

What we don’t do with standard cleaning

  • Do not lift or move heavy objects or furniture
  • Do not clean blinds and curtains
  • Do not clean in the pantry
  • Don’t wash the walls
  • Do not remove any deep spots and do not clean with the steam
  • Do not use biologically dangerous materials
  • We do not work in courtyards and gardens
  • We do not clean in hard-to-reach places

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