Office Cleaning in Berlin

Cleanliness in an office or other workplace is a basic component of success.

We also provide help and support in this area!

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Keep everyday office life clean.

We treat all surfaces with antiseptics for free during a coronavirus pandemic

Types of cleaning in offices

A team of cleaners with professional equipment will come to cleaning under the guidance of a manager. Suitable after repairs, relocations or a happy company party.

The cleaner comes every morning or evening to restore cleanliness and order. When employees arrive, the cleaner washes the floor and bathroom, wipes the dust, throws away the trash, and rinses the dishes.

Kliner ensures cleanliness throughout the day in the office: washing floors and a bathroom, wiping dust, throwing away garbage and washing dishes.

What is included in the cleaning with the team

In the whole apartment:
  • Wipe all accessible surfaces, switches and door handles
  • Washing windows, mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Washing furniture inside and outside
  • Wiping the walls

  • Washing chandeliers and lamps

  • We wash the floor, wipe the baseboards and vacuum the carpet

  • We take out the garbage

In the kitchen
  • Washing the entire kitchen apron and the sink
  • Washing the stove, oven and refrigerator

  • Washing kitchen furniture inside and outside

  • Washing the dishes (any amount in the sink)

In the bathroom and toilet
  • Wash and disinfect the toilet

  • Wash bath / shower

  • Wiping the cupboards from the outside

What about things?
  • Changing the bed linen and make the bed
  • We carefully fold your clothes
  • Arrange shoes
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