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Why Righthands?

Never waste time washing your car again

Leave your car with the best

Save water with every wash

Clean driveways and a clean environment

Product technology

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The advantages

It is known that conventional water washing can negatively affect the coating of your car, as sometimes inexpensive and low-quality products are used. And high-pressure devices leave microcracks or “develop” existing paint defects in the body. The “right-handed” formula contains no aggressive components and is absolutely safe for the vehicle cover. Shampoo polish effectively removes dirt without scratching the body, saturates the color and the wax contained in the composition covers the car with a protective film.

The undeniable advantage of a dry washbasin is its mobility – there is no longer a need to go anywhere and painfully wait for it to turn, as you can wash the car without leaving your home or office. A mobile car wash is ideal for people who value their time. You can either clean your car yourself or call our experts who will come to any place and time that suits you.

Dry car wash – an anhydrous car wash, d. H. Water is not used when cleaning a car. Unique cleaning agents remove dirt of any complexity from the surface of the car.

Dry laundry “right-handed” is an advantage for you. Now you can wash and polish your car yourself at any time and in any place that suits you. The price of auto cosmetics for a car is only? EUR

The components of Righthands products are a special polymer and wax, so that you can not only wash your car, but also polish its body. Car cosmetics “Righthands” removes microscratches, restores the original color of the car, gives it shine and repels dust particles due to its antistatic effect.

As already mentioned, the Righthands product contains a special polymer that creates a protective film on the body that protects the body and repels dirt and dust. With regular dry wash, this protection lasts longer than with normal polishing, so your car stays clean longer and the distance between washes becomes longer.

Every car owner was “lucky” at least once when he left the water wash in a clean, just washed and polished car. It fell in the rain and got splashes under the wheels, stains all over the body, stains on glass and mirrors. Our shampoo polish contains natural wax that covers the car with a dirt and water-repellent nano-barrier.

With the car care products “Righthands” you not only save time and get a perfectly clean car, but also contribute to environmental protection. A dry car wash saves up to 150 liters of water, which are wasted in a classic water wash. The composition of our products is absolutely safe for both humans and the environment. Auto cosmetics do not cause skin irritation and consist of 90% biodegradable components.


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