Pregnancy – it’s not easy, but you can’t get around the chores. We have to clean regularly. Cleanliness in the house is important for the health of the future mother, her baby and her loved ones. Cleaning is already a difficult task, especially for pregnant women. To make work easier and maintain health, follow some simple rules.

Try to involve family members in more difficult tasks

Wiping dust off shelves, tables, televisions, and other home furnishings doesn’t cause any particular inconvenience, but cleaning floors requires physical exertion. Working with a mop, broom, or vacuum cleaner can cause back pain and unnecessary fatigue. Try to shift the hard work to loved ones. If this is not possible, it is better for a pregnant woman to tidy up step by step: a large room today, a small room tomorrow, etc. Make sure you take a break every ten minutes and rest.

Avoid toxic cleaning agents

It is undesirable to use industrial chemicals during pregnancy. They are harmful from vapors that enter the lungs of the expectant mother with the air and from there into the baby’s tissue. This can provoke the development of fetal pathology and defects in the central nervous system. If no safe cleaning agents are available, the apartment should be cleaned with good ventilation.

Housework without fanaticism

When it comes to washing, a washing machine makes work easier. However, especially wet linen can weigh a lot with a large capacity machine, up to 20 kilograms. And transmission of such stresses during pregnancy threatens complications, including detachment of the placenta. So try to carry things in small quantities or ask your loved ones for help.

Pregnant women are often in a state of emotional euphoria due to hormones. In this situation it seems to us that the mountains can be moved with one hand. In fact, however, the tiredness comes quickly and it is too time-consuming to fulfill all of our plans. Try to assess your condition soberly and don’t plan too much chores for a short time. A simple and quick lunch is better than back pain and fatigue that can affect the baby.